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Having the status of an international elite creates rights and duties for the athletes concerned. They are as below :

Rights :

  • In regard of justified recognition for athletes of a high calibre and for fair management of registration, we reserve places for elite athletes, who request a place, according to precise criteria based on their general ITRA performance index data.

Free registration : Men > 825 / Women > 700 

Runners corresponding to the criteria may benefit from the free registration on condition that they have the required number of points for 2020.

To register for free, elite runners meeting the above criteria should contact the organisation at gaoligong@expewise.com in order to obtain a discount code which can then be entered when registering in the normal way.

  • At the start of the races, elite athletes are invited to position themselves at the front of pack according to the following race-bib numbers :
    MGU : bibs 1 to 199
    RCE : bibs 3001 to 3199
    THT : bibs 6001 to 6199
    TCZ : bibs 8001 to 8199

Duties :

In return, the elite runners agree to :

  • Be present at any press conferences and official ceremonies to which they are invited ;
  • Be present at prize-giving ceremonies if it concerns them ;
  • Accept to carry a GPS tracker, supplied by the organisation at the start of the race, throughout the totality of the race; then to return this tag at the end of their race;
  • Be present at the start line no later than 20 minutes before the start of the event.

Prize money:

  • It is the recognition of a virtuous circle bonding the athletes and the event, an exchange of visibility in which the two parts participate in the success of the event
  • Prizes are considered an income by the State. Athletes domiciled in China must include it in their income tax return. For runners residing abroad, a 20% withholding tax is applied by the State before the amount is paid by the organization.

    The remuneration will be published in August

Registration Guidelines