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Embrace nature in order to protect it

The aim of our race is to bring people to an untouched part of China’s natural heritage, to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness and allow the people to regain the connection they once had with nature. The ecosystems of Gaoligong are truly precious and we must raise the awareness of the people, both in China and beyond, of the need to protect this unique area.

Discover unknown history and honour the past

Gaoligong Mountains were the last mountain range that Tea and Horse Trail, also known as the Southern Silk Road, had to cross before leaving China. The Tea and Horse Trail connected cultures, religions and ways of life and left millennia of history for us to explore, a great cultural heritage that remains to be discovered by visitors. The story from much more recent Gaoligong history is just starting to be told – of the fierce World War II battles fought by the Chinese Expeditionary Force on the ground and the American volunteer Flying Tiger pilots in the skies – common history and heritage shared across cultures and countries.


Forge a new self

Gaoligong by UTMB® is first and foremost a test of oneself - it is challenge that will let you discover what you are made of; you will have to dig deep mentally and physically to complete not only the 100-mile distance, but also your journey through undiscovered China, across the mystical Gaoligong Mountains and through millennia of history.