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Ray Sanchez's introduction [Copy link]

Ray Sanchez
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1967-01-26
Residence: america  


  • 2016 STYR Labs Badwater 135

Elegant demeanour:


Reaching almost a decade since discovering the sport of ultra running, three time Golden Glove boxer, Ray Sanchez, has fought his way from America’s mean streets, via the ring, to become one of the world’s most accomplished long run specialists. His passion to run is fueled by a cause that drives him. He runs on behalf of Be Change, a running group that supports better education and health care for the children of one of Sacramento’s toughest neighborhoods, Oak Park. “I’m just a nobody that runs crazy,” says ultra-runner, Ray Sanchez, with a gleam in his eye that backs the argument.  


Sanchez is known for running 100 mile races back to back, from only days to even hours between races.  


Ultra-runner Ray is a rarity in that he is the only runner to complete all four 135 miles foot races in a calendar year- Badwater 135, Brazil 135, Arrowhead 135, and Europe 135. Along with 9 Badwater 135 mile finishes and completed over 190 ultra-races. “I climb mountains, so I can see what’s on the other side,” says Sanchez. His secret is never overthink a race, and to simply have fun- that’s when he performs his best.

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