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Important announcement regarding registration for 2020 Gaoligong by UTMB® [Copy link]

zhanglin | 2019-03-15 15:08 2917 0

As you know the UTMB® family has been growing – “Gaoligong by UTMB® is the first UTMB® labelled event in the world also is the only labelled event in Asia. Oman by UTMB® in the Middle East and Ushuaia by UTMB® in South America have been joined this family and more“by UTMB®” races will be announced soon by UTMB International®.


UTMB® is currently reorganizing its score systemand the related registration procedures for all the UTMB® labelled events, are organization which will have a strong impact on all the “by UTMB®” events participants. For this reason, the opening of registrations for Gaoligong by UTMB® shall be postponed to May 2019 – the exact date will be confirmed very soon.


Please accept our sincere apologies for this delay, we hope that you keep our race in your plans. We will announce the new registration dates on Facebook as soon as the new registration conditions are communicated by UTMB® on April.


Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to see you at Gaoligong by UTMB® in Tengchong at next March!


Organising Committee of Gaoligong by UTMB®


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